about the place and the area


The arcade house

The Tilia Authentic Home guesthouse is located in the village of Mikoszewo, at the mouth of the Vistula River, close to the forest and sea. Next to it, there is a historic arcade house with over 200 years of history, which we brought back to life four years ago. We created a complete place, friendly to the soul and body, which constantly delights us. The atmosphere and energy here are so good that we decided to share it with you.


authentic home

For three years, we have been building the Tilia Authentic Home guesthouse, which is an authentic, unconventional, and unique place due to the combination of wooden architecture made from old wood with modern interiors and historical details. Most of the furniture in our guesthouse is individually designed for each space. The combinations are unexpected, sometimes surprising. These are “sensitive” interiors that allow for aesthetic experiences, where one can admire for hours both the works of nature in the form of sun-faded wood, washed by rain and wind-whipped, and human works in the form of carved architectural details recovered from non-existent buildings and interiors, interesting historical and contemporary furniture or lamps. Add to that the scent of wood and clay, excellent, healthy microclimate, birdsong, and the sound of the sea breeze outside the window, a beautiful view of the vast space, and our historic arcade house, which is also an open house. You can have breakfast under the arcade of our house, take a look inside, get to know the history of this place. We would be happy to give you a tour. In this place, you can regenerate not only by staying in friendly interiors but above all by going for long walks through fields, meadows, along the Vistula River, or through the forest to the sea. This flat, vast space of the Vistula Spit and the Vistula Delta offers plenty of breathing space, tranquility, the possibility of meditation, and focusing on oneself. Time flows decidedly slower here, and the closeness to nature allows for attentive and full experiencing of it.




In the area, there are also individuals who can take you on ornithological observations or forest bathing experiences. At night, you can admire the starry sky here. If you enjoy spending active time, there are perfect areas for Nordic Walking, beautiful cycling paths leading along the Vistula River’s embankment or through the forest and along the sea coast from Kąty Rybackie, Krynica Morska to Piaski or from Sobieszewo Island to Gdańsk. There are plenty of historical landmarks in the vicinity. You can delve into the history of the Żuławy region, learn about its architecture. Not far from here are Gdańsk, Malbork, Frombork, Tolkmicko, Kadyny, and many smaller towns with interesting history and architecture. In the autumn and winter seasons, you can enjoy our unique sauna, built from old wood, where besides the live fire, you can admire nature and our habitat through a glass wall. If there is snow, we will offer you the opportunity to rent cross-country skis and sleds. The descents from our windmill hill and from the Vistula embankment are a great joy. We invite you to a place where you can rediscover your creativity, delve into yourself, forget about the daily rush, savor nature with all your senses, get inspired by interiors, and experience something new.



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